Balance and Respect: Andy Jones, Kory Nelson and Franceen Thompson for Douglas County School Board

Why Vote For This Slate

The November 5th DCSD School Board election represents an important one for the Douglas County charter school community. With 18 schools and over 16,000 students – or almost 22 percent of the district’s student population – the charter school community in Douglas County is a strong and diverse one, and it’s important that this community has a voice at the table when it comes to critical board decisions impacting not only charter schools, but the entire district.

It’s for this reason that we support the candidacies of Andy Jones, Kory Nelson and Franceen Thompson to be the next elected representatives on the Douglas County School Board. As long-time parents of charter and neighborhood school students, as well as active participants in their charter school communities, Andy and Franceen understand and appreciate charter schools at a fundamental level and recognize the important role they play in advancing choice and innovation for the district. Kory shares this appreciation and has consistently expressed that he would treat all charter schools and charter applicants with the fairness and respect they deserve.

The best decisions come from elected bodies that represent a diversity of viewpoints. Recently, the Douglas County School Board has not had this range of viewpoints. Electing Andy, Kory, and Franceen would help inject a much-needed balance to the board that would ultimately result in the best decisions being made for ALL of Douglas County’s 68,000+ students.

Additionally, Andy, Kory and Franceen would provide parents, teachers, staff and communities with the trust and respect they deserve. Through their stated support of empowering building leaders and teachers, site-based budgeting, valuing parent input and choice, and allowing schools – traditional or charter – to meet the unique needs of their community, Andy, Kory and Franceen have sent a powerful signal that they would value parent, teacher, staff and community voice in new and important ways.

So, if you want a more balanced board as well as a board that would respect parent, teacher and charter voices, Andy Jones, Kory Nelson and Franceen Thompson are the candidates for you. VOTE by November 5. Make sure your voice is heard in this important election.