Douglas County School Board

Douglas County Endorsed Candidates

There are 18 charter schools in Douglas County, with more than 15,000 students. That’s roughly 23% of the students in the Douglas County public school system.  Charter schools are some of the top-performing schools in Douglas County and a vital part of the public school system.  CLCS Action is endorsing Mike Peterson (District B), Becky Myers (District D), Christy Williams (District E), and Kaylee Winegar (District G) because they are all deeply committed advocates for children who will take the school board in a new direction.  All four of these candidates will work to ensure families have high quality public school options.  They will fight to make sure our kids thrive academically in schools that are a good fit for the student and family. The pandemic has put too many kids behind. Our schools can and must prioritize getting kids back on track academically.  It’s time to focus on educational fundamentals, a return to common sense leadership and expanding choices for families.  Mike, Becky, Christy and Kaylee will end the politicization of education debates, will listen to and empower our teachers, will provide resources and address the learning loss our kids have experienced. They’ll end the dysfunction and put the focus back on students and their futures.  Please read more about each of them below. 

Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson

District B

Mike is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School, where he earned a M.A. in Security Studies.   He finished first in his TOPGUN class before becoming an F-14 Tomcat weapons and tactics school instructor.  He fought in several wars including operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  In 2004, he was recognized as the “finest attack aviator in the Pacific Fleet.”  In addition to flying duties, he was the Executive Officer of a multi-national overseas naval base overseeing the Navy’s largest base operational support contract.

Mike Peterson wrote I believe that we should assist each and every student to achieve their individual potential. As a father of three daughters, one of whom is disabled, I understand that this may take different resources for different individuals and that’s OK. Academic growth and achievement should always be the primary mission of the school district but requires supporting elements of school safety, mental health, and character development to be successful.”

Mike and his wife, who works in the school district as an assistant for Affective Needs students, have been married for 27 years.  He is running for the School Board in District B. Mike’s servant leadership style will refocus the school district on core elements of academic achievement and growth in reading, writing, math, and science.  He will help increase parent choice and empower local teachers and principals.

Becky Myers

Becky Myers

District D

Becky Myers is a retired DCSD teacher with over 25 years educational experience. She was born and raised in Odessa, Texas.  She graduated from Sam Houston State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1993 Becky, her husband, and family moved to Castle Rock where her two children attended elementary, middle, and high school.

Becky Myers wrote I’ve always been in support of parent choice and charter schools. They can be vital and beneficial to the district and community.”

Becky cares about students, parents, her community and focuses on building relationships with people across the spectrum. She loves people and loves learning. Her “teacher’s heart” motivated her to run for the school board to continue to serve the students and community in the school district she loves.  She feels there is no single approach, or one size fits all method to teaching and she will focus on empowering the district and teachers to adapt and implement techniques geared to each student’s ability, strengths and personality.

Christy Williams

Christy Williams

District E

Christy Williams is a wife and mother to three kids who attend Douglas County Public Schools. She grew up in Littleton. She attended Arapahoe Community College preparing for a life-long vision of starting her own business.  Christy has been married for almost 15 years and lives in Castle Rock.

Christy Williams wrote One of the things I love about Douglas County is that there are so many amazing schools in this district. My family chose a charter school 8 years ago. I want all families to be able to choose what is best for them.”

Christy is a dedicated and engaged parent and knows the importance of active participation in her children’s education. A successful fundraiser, she joined the PTO at American Academy in Castle Pines, serving as president in her last year.

Christy brings a balanced vision for our school board, to be representative of and responsive to all citizens. She believes in strong, accountable leadership, new and different perspectives, and innovative approaches to problem solving. She preaches sensible business practices for school resources, and the need to maintain excellence in education to prepare ALL students to be career or college ready.

Kaylee Winegar

Kaylee Winegar

District G

Kaylee Winegar is a devoted wife and mother to a sweet, soon-to-be kindergarten student. She has lived in various cities in Colorado but has found there is no better place to raise a family than in Douglas County.

With her MBA and over ten years of professional accounting experience, Kaylee brings invaluable expertise working with financial information and budgets. As the Associate Director of Corporate Accounting for a financial services company, she is ready on day one to lead the effort to tackle the district’s financial challenges.

Kaylee will work to ensure each student has access to a great education that prepares them for future success. She will focus on building student success and restoring financial stability and accountability within the district. Kaylee wants parents and the community to trust in and be proud of the Douglas County School District again.